William Butler Yeats drawing by John Singer Sargent

William Butler Yeats







W.H. Auden
Elizabeth Bishop
Hayden Carruth
Constantin Cavafy
Emily Dickinson
T.S. Eliot
Robert Frost
Jack Gilbert
Louise Gluck
Linda Gregg
Linda Hogan
Louise Katz
Gabriel Garcia Lorca
W.S. Merwin
Pablo Neruda
Rainer Maria Rilke
Wallace Stevens
Mark Strand
Yanos Ritsos
Theodore Roethke
Walt Whitman
W. B. Yeats

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5 Comments on "Poetry"

  1. Michelle says:

    Excited about your blog! Thank you!

  2. Noel R Torrey says:

    Mr Leeds,

    Why do I not see your name listed above and some of your poetry posted?


  3. Tom Gottshalk says:

    Started reading poetry on short flights to Atlanta from Orlando. Wanted to get something read, finished, that had meaning in less that an hour. A quick pop: Auden, Bishop, Carrth, Emily, and Walt at 30,000 feet. Plenty of others too little names big images big love big pain in a few lines. That’s what I like. Don’t need much.

  4. Tabitha says:

    David, I’m looking but I can’t see it but now I’m transfixed by ‘Artists and their Daschunds’- off for a read!

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