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I have always used art to help clarify what I think and feel, and to interpret and contextualize the outside world. My involvement with art of all kinds, both as a practioner and observer, shapes my perspective in an ongoing and fluid way. I have started this blog to share this journey,  and to engage others whose experience is similar, in a continuous dialogue.
I received an A.B. from Harvard University in Fine Arts, doing my honors thesis on Cezanne’s Self Portraits. I also received an MFA from UCLA in Theatre Arts, in film production. I directed and co-wrote the western, “Shoot the Sun Down” with Christopher Walken & Margot Kidder.
I am currently a sculptor, painter, and poet, and divide my time between Martha’s Vineyard and Los Angeles. I enjoy swimming, cycling, golf, tennis, and yoga.

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8 Comments on "David Leeds"

  1. Jill Kimbrough says:

    Congratulations on your blog. I feel like I’m getting an art education all over again!

  2. Peter Gates says:

    David- simply marvelous. I miss you guys. How do I log onto your blog? Or need I? Will you send it out from time to time as it develops? I love everything you have written so far> Peter

  3. Yes! a thoughtful art blog— much gratitude- vicki reithel

  4. Veronica says:

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  5. Louise says:

    Came across your blog when looking at Morandi’s work and I so appreciated your sensitive and informative perceptions. At first I thought “this must be a woman speaking, but then realized instead it was an unusual man, in Australian terms anyway (where I live)”. Thanks so much. Louise

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