Favorites for future discussion & reference:

Notes on the Synthesis of Form, by Christopher Alexander. Picasso’s Brothel, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Freud, and Leonardo da Vinci and the Vulture’s Tail, by Wayne Andersen. Visual Thinking, by Rudolph Arnheim. Art and Culture by Clement Greenberg. The Phenomenology of Perception, by Meurice Merleau-Ponty. And Cezanne, by Meyer Shapiro.


Notes on the Synthesis of Form by Christopher AlexanderPicasso's Brothel, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and FreudCezanne by Meyer ShapiroVisual Thinking by Rudolph ArnheimLeonardo da Vinci and the Vulture's Tail by Wayne AndersenPhenomenology of Perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Art & Culture


















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6 Comments on "Books"

  1. Sarah says:


    I look forward to hearing your take on Clement Greenberg’s essays, most notably “Avant-Garde and Kitsch.” I am not persuaded by Greenberg’s argument, which seems incredibly myopic, and I find myself much more attracted to Schapiro’s belief that a work of art, from any era, was a meaningful expression of the mind/personality of its creator (and also a reflection of his/her social and cultural context). Linda Nochlin summed up Schapiro’s take on modern art as “an assertion of personal freedom in the face of the increasing oppressiveness and depersonalization of individual life brought about by capitalist institutions.” I agree with that statement completely.

    What do you think of Greenberg vs. Schapiro? Kitsch? The fact that our society has assimilated into our mass media much of the work deemed by Greenberg as the epitome of high art (and therefore made it kitsch) is so intriguing to me.

    Look forward to seeing you at Brown graduation! Good luck with your blog.


  2. I am quite interested with Wayne Andersen’s book “Leonardo the Vinci and the Vulture’s Tail”. Da Vinci ha gained popularity with this theories and views about Christ, religion and christianity along with his genius paintings. I am intrigued at how Andersen runs the whole story around this well-known popularity. Looking forward to read this book. Great choices of books for discussion and reference!

    Nichelle from Parc enfant 

  3. reality is what we have in mind !

  4. you take what you give !

  5. every time I visit any library I can see virtual reality (insane) with : shiny printed colours of flowers gardens classical architecture and that’s why I buy nothing !
    take a look please also to the damned places like Albania ?

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