Some of My Favorite Sculptures

I wanted to share some of my favorite sculptures. They are of differing styles, some ancient, some classical, some modern.


Left is Michelangelo’s “Awakening Slave,” and above, his representation of “Night,” from the Medici Chapel.

Below, are two from Henry Moore.



Aristide Maillol, below left, Auguste Rodin, below right.


The famous ancient Greek, “Venus de Milo, below left, paired with another Maillol.



Above left is an Egyptian piece, right a Cycladic one. Below are Giacometti and Brancusi.


Below are two pieces by Marino Marini.

Below left is an African head, right, one from Easter island.
Above left is a Cycladic head, right, one by Amadeo Modigliani. Below is another by Constantin Brancusi, and one by Lorrie Goulet, who taught me how to carve in stone.
Below left, Henri Matisse, and right, is another Henry Moore.
Above left is Henry Moore, right, Isamu Noguchi. Below, one by Nigel Hall, and one by Richard Serra.
Below, a monumental Picasso.
Having shown some of my  favorite works, it is easy , I think, to see how they influenced me in these sculptures of my own, below.
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22 Comments on "Some of My Favorite Sculptures"

  1. Ulf Skei says:

    Wonderful indeed! A great source of inspiration this. Seeing it makes the art nerve tingle. This calls for a cup of ye olde java black. Great post, I know I might seem repetitious, but then these posts are generally great…

  2. Jose E. Arno O. says:

    I visited the Chicago Civic Center in the summer ’68 and the Pablo Picasso Esculpture was very impressive to me.

  3. carmen says:

    hi david!
    no wonder we´re both sculptors, i would of chosen more or less the same:-) maybe added bernini´s saint theresa…..
    thankyou for putting them all together..

  4. Kathy says:

    What an amazing group of sculptures you’ve assembled. Different, but linked.
    I’ve always had a particular soft spot for Cycladic, the combination of their being so ancient, and yet with such a contemporary and minimal feel. Again, it shows that little actual “information” is needed to convey an idea, or image.
    And of course I love your sculptures. Continue to be astounded that you can somehow “see” a three dimensional piece in a block of stone.

    • David Leeds says:

      I agree with you so much, Kathy, about the Cycladic sculpture. The forms are so simplified, yet convey so much, and I just find them incredibly beautiful. These works feel very related, to me as well, regardless of the style. I guess I have a consistent sensibility.

  5. every one you showed makes me wish i could walk around them for hours and hours

  6. sulky kitten says:

    I really enjoyed this David. I love that last sculpture of yours – have you sold these or have you kept them?

  7. mette says:

    Hi David!

    My favorite of the sculptures shown, is the Picasso.
    As a matter of fact, I am seriously considering buying a horse sculpture, by Sauvat, from steel, modern, which will be weathered and rusty on our yard.
    It would be just perfect for us, since I´m not at all interested about gatherings of flowers and gardening ( so far ).
    But right now, we enjoy real art on our yard, as Hampel decorates it, by moving around, grazing and keeping the grass short.
    One could even consider his hoof marks on the ground as intentional, small work s of art ; )!

  8. Thanks for sharing some of your own art pieces with us. They are wonderful! And also what a great survey of some of the best sculptures in art history. I am always inspired when I visit “A Husk of Meaning.”

    • David Leeds says:

      Sunday, it’s fun to share the kinds of work that has inspired me, and, from which, I’ve liberally borrowed. It’s also nice to hear your kind words, especially, since I feel the same about Ciao Domenica.

  9. I love the way you compare the different sculptures to others with similar characteristics. I can see why you love them and how they influenced your own work.

    My favorite sculpture of yours I’ve seen on your site is The Praying Woman. She is beautiful.

  10. Marley says:

    I am only familiar with “Venus de Milo” since I usually see the same sculpture. Thanks for sharing your favorites, I guess you really love sculptures a lot.

    Marley from montre gousset or 

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