I wanted to thank all of you for the incredible response to the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera posts. They were the two most popular pieces yet, on A Husk of Meaning. To cap it off, I wanted to share this video of the two of them together. I’m sure most of you have seen the wonderful film, “Frida” with Selma Hayek. If you haven’t, do so immediately. It’s huge fun for all of us fans of these two. But here is a little treasure of the real Frida and Diego. Enjoy it over the weekend.

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  1. Ulf Skei says:

    Wonderful. Yes. Wonderful.

    • David Leeds says:

      I thought the musician in you would especially dig this.

      • Arjay says:

        That’s a clever answer to a tricky quteison

      • Chinami says:

        I really wish there were more arlcties like this on the web.

      • Emoyplend says:

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      • levitra says:

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  2. this is wonderful thank you for sharing this with us..

  3. Susan Tiner says:

    Beautiful. I love it that she wore jewelry in the hospital.

  4. Kathy says:

    Love this little film and adore the music too. A very different insight into their characters – they both seem so gentle in this video.

  5. Terry Jensen says:

    I find Frida and Diego very fascinating!

  6. David, this is wonderful. I so enjoyed both of your posts on Diego and Frida. What a great tribute to them both. Thanks for including this video, a very special window into their lives.

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