In honor of my eighth wedding anniversary, a few days ago, I wanted to share this poem with you. It has a special place for me, because it was the first poem I wrote that was published. In case you don’t know, quarks are considered the most elementary constituent particle of matter, in the current “standard model” of the universe. They come in six “flavors,” which are a form of spin; up, down, charmed, strange, top, and bottom. I thought this painting of mine captured something of the feel of the poem.

The Physics of Love 

I wonder how I see you at all
when I walk into a room.
The emptiness inside you
between molecules of skin,
is the space between stars.

The smallest part of you is quarks,
top or bottom, up or down,
charmed or strange, locked
in a kind of orbit, but never staying
in one place.
No wonder you are out of focus.

Inside you, magnetic fields shift and spin,
a crazy dance of violent tides,
free from the cycles
of any moon.
It confuses the hell
out of the stuff
that holds me together.

There is so little of us,
in all this nothing.
What gives love
enough weight
to be named.

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  1. kathy says:

    Thank you – this poem still brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful, romantic, and sensitive.

  2. hope you keep writing david that was quite moving. the words create such beautiful images….thank you for posting this and shareing it ….its very beautiful

  3. Connie Bonak says:

    In your painting, I see cells – in your poetry I hear life………

  4. Mia says:

    Great picture and poem. The weight of love…neat idea. I have always felt that poetry and abstract painting for that matter are trying to show us that which can’t really be pictured or said. It is reaching for that which is not actually physical. I see this very strong in this pair painting and poem.

  5. Eliana Delbuck says:

    My favorite painting of yours. Keep on writing, this poem is a true expression of love! Congratulations on your 8th!

  6. metscan says:

    Oh, I can sense young love in the words of your poem, feeling somewhat envious, when I am starting my 38th..
    A delicate fresh painting, so well matching the words.

  7. Ida says:

    David & Kathy wishing you both a Happy 8th Anniversary.

    It is only natural that you should fall in love with someone so hol(e)y.
    The painting itself sums up the poem.Ida

    • David Leeds says:

      Thanks Ida. I didn’t really think of it- had a ctually picked another painting, but Kathy suggested this one. It’s a much better match than the one originally picked.

  8. That poem is so beautiful and the painting complements it beautifully. Happy Anniversary. We just had ours also!

  9. carla says:

    I have the urge to embroidery it, i want it ( as the feel of love) and i don’t want to have it in a virtual, non tangible place … i have to heve it inhabiting with myelf, i don’t want it to fade away .
    Thanks David!

  10. Noel says:

    …inspiring! such a deep expression of love. Thanks for sharing

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